Resources For LTC Professionals

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Improve your knowledge base for your current role, or take the next step in your long term care career. AHCA/NCAL offers a number of training materials and connects you with leading organizations to develop your skills. Click on a section below to view available resources.


How to Be a Nurse Assistant

AHCA's How to Be a Nurse Assistant prepares students to pass the certification exam and enter the workforce as the most highly-qualified CNAs in the field. The curriculum allows you to choose the format that works best for you by offering a range of print, online, and media resources, including a student textbook, companion online and print student workbooks, an online instructor’s manual with downloadable and printable materials, and a skills DVD.  
To How to Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum is also available as a hybrid program, offering flexibility, quality, and convenience through a blend of online coursework and in-person clinical and skills training. Developed in partnership with Academic Platforms, it incorporates professional instructors for online and in-person clinical training and provides practice tests, study guides, and quizzes, fully preparing students to become certified CNAs.​

Infection Prevention Control Specialist (IPCO) Training

This AHCA/NCAL course provides specialized training for healthcare professionals who seek to serve as Infection Preventionists--a training requirement as part of the CMS Requirements of Participation for Long Term Care Facilities. Individuals are specially trained to effectively implement and manage an Infection Prevention and Control Program at their skilled nursing center or assisted living community.

Requirements of Participation e-Competencies ​

AHCA’s Requirements of Participation eCompetencies® is designed specifically to help skilled nursing facilities comply with F-Tag 726 under CMS’ Requirements of Participation (ROP) using a comprehensive competency tool that is interdisciplinary and relevant to all nursing home staff. The program offers an extensive library of evidence-based skills checklists that allow evaluators to assess and document staff skills in real time. Videos are included to aid in skill progression and remediation. 

PHI Coaching Supervision®​

This training helps supervisors empower employees to solve work-related problems and participate in decisions that impact their daily work. PHI Coaching Supervision® leads to increased staff satisfaction and retention and improved quality of care. ​

Become a QAPI Certified Professional

Developed by the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing (AAPACN), QAPI Prep is a five-course program that trains leaders and teams to provide high-value care and services while positioning businesses for continuous growth and performance improvement. Visit

Inventory Supply Management for PPE and COVID-19 Point of Care Testing

In this case-based learning program, participants will develop skills on how to predict when acute PPE shortages may occur and learn to assess and respond to facility needs. 

Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) Training

Developed in partnership with the AAPACN, this certificate program will assist facility leaders in implementing TIC in their facility with staff trained to care for residents at risk for re-traumatization. 

Creating Inclusive Communities for LGBTQI and HIV+ Older Adults Training​

Gain the background and skills needed to create an inclusive environment in your facility with training designed to improve your staff's LGBTQI cultural competency.​

CARES® Dementia Basics™

CARES® Dementia Basics™ is a four-hour online course is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for successfully incorporating the evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations in the following topic areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia, person-centered care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, and behaviors and communication. CARES®  Dementia Basics is also available in Spanish​. Use promo code AHCA15 when registering and save 15% off the purchase price.​

 Develop New Skills

State Affiliate Training Programs

Some AHCA/NCAL State Affiliates offer training and certification programs, which can help you advance your career in coordination with your state’s specific requirements. Check with your local state affiliate to see what might be available.

National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB)

NAB is the nation’s leading authority on licensing, credentialing, and regulating administrators of organizations along the continuum of long term care.

Gero Nurse Prep

Gero Nurse Prep is an online training course designed to prepare RNs who care for elders to attain board certification in Gerontological Nursing (RN-BC) by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This course equips RNs with a broad array of clinical knowledge, skills and competencies that are tested on the ANCC certification exam and essential for quality gerontological nursing practice and leadership of elder care teams. 

Assisted Living Nurse Specialty Certification

This is an online certification exam that tests knowledge of care for older adults in Assisted Living Facilities. Upon successful completion of the exam, the letters C-AL may be affixed after your name to indicate successful completion of the AALNA Certification Examination for Assisted Living Nurses.

Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® Individual Certification

For both professional care providers and family members of a person living with dementia, the essentiALZ exam tests knowledge of evidence-based dementia care practices that are promoted in the nationally-recognized Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations.

Person-Centered Care in a PDPM World

This four-module course is designed to improve person-centered care for post-acute care (short stay) residents under the PDPM payment system. This course will define person-centered care and show how it is a key feature in PDPM and when implemented can improve care practices that lead to better patient outcomes. 

Grief, Trauma, & The Impact of COVID-19 on Residents & Staff​

While the vaccine and monoclonal antibody treatment are now available, the countless losses and pandemic-related stresses will continue into the future.  This three-part training will provide a comprehensive overview of COVID-19, as well as grief and trauma and the impact it has on residents and staff. Participants are encouraged to review all three parts to gain the full insight of the impact COVID-19 has had and the connection to grief and trauma.  ​

High-Intensity Physical Rehabilitation In Medically Complex Populations

Many older adults are at risk for functional decline due to underlying medical complexity, as well as deconditioning following a bout of inpatient care. This course presents an evidence-based approach for the implementation of a high-intensity progressive rehabilitation paradigm, offered as an evolution of current, lower intensity post-acute treatment approaches to address this constellation of needs.  This self-paced course contains nine learning modules for physical therapy and occupational therapy rehabilitation professionals (PT, PTA, OT, OTA).  

Water Management Training​

To maintain daily operations and care services, healthcare facilities need to develop an effective water management plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a total or partial interruption of the facility’s normal water supply. The water management course provides post-acute and long-term care facilities with information on what a water management plan is, how to identify the elements of an effective water management program, and how to develop and maintain a comprehensive water management program in your facility. The program is ideal for maintenance and facility operations personnel.  

Pioneering Solutions to the Workforce Crisis

This 45-minute webinar developed in collaboration with PHI​ delivers practical action steps and strategies assisted living and nursing facilities of all shapes and sizes can take to improve their employee and retention efforts. The webinar also covers ways to improve the hiring process and explains supportive supervision and coaching methods that positively impact employee retention.  

 Apply For Jobs

LTC Career Center

The LTC Career Center​ was created by AHCA/NCAL to connect long term care employers and top talent in all LTC disciplines through its on-line job board network. Get access to thousands of career opportunities from quality employers. The LTC Career Center is free to all job seekers.

Care for the Aging

Discover a career with purpose. CareForTheAging is an information CareForTheAging is an informational resource to shed a light on the wide range of career opportunities available in the long term care profession and inspire those who are looking for a new career opportunity to become a part of this rapidly growing and exceptionally rewarding field.

ConnectToCareJobs is a free, national website that provides individuals looking for jobs with an easy way to connect with potential employers. The tool uses a matching algorithm to pair licensed and/or trained workers with healthcare facilities that are in need of their specific skills.