Quality Award Portal Resource Center


​Logging in to the Quality Award Portal​​

​Note the username and password for this site is different than that for the AHCA/NCAL website. Please follow the instructions below to get your login credentials.

  1. How to Log In​
Gaining Access to your Center
​See below for the user roles and descriptions to find which one suits you best. Once decided, follow the steps outlined in the Getting Access to a Center/Corporation Help Document or video.

Corporate Account Administrator

Are you the corporate account administrator for your organization in the Quality Award Portal? Browse our resources below to learn about how to set-up your organization.

Are you applying to serve as an Examiner? See below for instructions on how to complete the application. 
  1. Applying to be an Examiner​

​Submitting a Quality Award Application and Payment

​See below for instructions on how to submit an application and payment.