The Comment Period for the 2026 FGI Code is Now Open

Regulations; Compliance; Survey and Certification
​The Facilities Institute Group (FGI) revision cycle is a part of the American Institute of Architects and is responsible for architecture code development adopted in many states. Currently, the FGI is in the middle of a four-year revision cycle to be concluded in 2026. There are three different guideline books that the FGI has established: hospitals, outpatient, and residential (nursing homes, assisted living, residential centers [MH and Rehab], and ICF-IIDs).

The second draft of the FGI was published at the end of June 2024, and the public comment period is the public’s opportunity to review approved changes and suggest modifications to the approved text. Please note that no new proposals will be accepted at this time; only comments on the approved changes will be reviewed by the Health Guidelines Revision Committee.

The 2026 edition of the Guidelines for Design and Construction documents will be renamed the FGI Facility Code, and the documents will no longer contain advisory guidance (e.g., appendix text). Moving forward, language that formerly was included in the appendices will appear in a new series of handbooks that will be released concurrently with the 2026 FGI Facility Code.

You can find more information about the comment period and access the draft 2026 codes he​re. The comment period will remain open through September 30, 2024.​