National Quality Award Board




In 2007, the AHCA Board of Governors established the Quality Award Board to promote the integrity, preserve the credibility and ensure sustainability and success of the Quality Award program. The responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Oversight of key program functions, such as criteria establishment, program policies and procedures, Examiner training and review protocols.
  • Oversight of the strategic direction of the program, which includes an annual strategic planning process.
  • Engage charter teams to support performance improvement and accomplishment of the strategic plan.
  • Report to AHCA/NCAL Leadership and the AHCA Board of Governors as appropriate.

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2023 Board 

Gary Floss
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Cathy Sunlin
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Maureen Carland
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Emily Buckles
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James Krob
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Jim Gordon
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Mary Tess Crotty
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Shauna Kapsner
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Chris Laxton 
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Stacy Hord
Tammy Kelly
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Cathy Bergland
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Gary Kelso
Paul Grizzell
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Megan Corcoran
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Heather Herlyn
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Please contact Urvi Patel, Senior ​Director, Quality Improvement at or (202) 898-2858.